The Dutch and their delta

Jacob's latest bestseller, telling - in words and beautiful photos - the story of the very special geographical situation of the Netherlands.

Through his foreign contacts, Jacob learned how fascinated people from all over the world are by the fact that half of the Netherlands is below sea level. A whole province reclaimed from the sea, how can that even be true? One would think that the Dutch are quite worried about climate change and sea level rising - why are they not really?

Besides the famous dikes, polders, windmills and wooden shoes, there are also more present-day symbols for the Dutch struggle against the water. There is modern technology with heavy sluices, sturdy and stormproof barriers with engines to open and close them, even an inflatable dam, and more. Most people from other countries don't quite understand how it all works (and neither do many Dutch people).

Therefore, in 2012, Jacob decided to write The Dutch and their Delta, a book with plenty of beautiful photos and clear text to explain not only the technology but also the cultural and historical factors behind the Dutch struggle against water. Avoiding too much technical detail on the one hand and too strong generalizations on the other, Jacob describes fascinating historical developments, today's challenges and future opportunities.

In 2016 The Dutch and their Delta had its third print with updates both in text and photography. The book is usually sold to tourists and expats but it can also be an attractive gift to foreign friends, relatives or in-laws and a representative business present to overseas relations.

You can purchase The Dutch and their Delta in book stores but also order it through: Holland Books.

A Japanese translation of the book is availale since May 2017, through Chuo University Press.

You can watch a short video on YouTube with Jacob Vossestein explaining the Dutch geographical situation while standing in the low-lying Dutch countryside:



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