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Jacob Vossestein (Netherlands, 1949) worked as an intercultural trainer until 2016. In his programs, participants learned how to function effectively in both work and social contacts with people from other cultures. For many years, Jacob did this work through the training department of Amsterdam's Royal Tropical Institute (KIT). After 2008, Jacob continued doing intercultural programs as an independent trainer, but he retired in 2016, and now focuses on writing.

The participants of Jacob's training programs covered a wide range of people, notably expats, managers, technicians and ICT people from many renowned Dutch but internationally operating corporations, and also many smaller Dutch companies. But he also worked with Dutch government officials, the armed forces, people working in development work and health care, and internationally working academics and overseas students in the Netherlands.

His training programs and lectures were well received, especially, as participants stated, because of Jacob's practical approach and his enthusiasm. In reverse, Jacob also learned a lot from his clients' experiences worldwide. Together with his travels (both study trips and private ones), their input from the business world provided him with material for his book on business cultures and communication between people from different cultural backgrounds.

As Jacob decided to discontinue his training work per 2015, this website focuses on his books, especially those still on sale. But some attention also goes to those books (mostly in Dutch language) that can now only be obtained through libraries, or second-hand. The larger pictures below concern books in print, the smaller ones to those out of print.

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