Other work

Based on his experience as an intercultural trainer, Jacob wrote several other books but these are all in Dutch, and moreover, no longer available. The titles (translated) are: Strange folks - on behavior in other cultures, Working with Eastern Europe and Working with India.

One that can be obtained is an e-book, in Dutch, on the way the Dutch are perceived by foreign visitors to and temporary residents of the Netherlands. It is called Pas op, Nederlanders, meaning something like ‘Watch out, Dutch folks', with the same double-entendre.

If you can read Dutch, please be referred to the Dutch section of this website for more information on these books.

Contributions to English-language books yet to be published:

  • NLXL, second version (a large and glossy photo book on the Netherlands with aerial photographs by Karel Tomeï. Scriptum Publishers, to be published in late 2016)

  • The Little Orange Handbook - Holland for Newcomers (a practical guidebook and quick introduction to the Netherlands, Xpat Media, 2016)

  • The Holland Handbook (an annually updated guide to expat living in the Netherlands, XPat Media)
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